What To Know About Different Types of Cabinet Latches

walterworks types of cabinet latches

Consider the different types of cabinet latches that may suit your home design.

Cabinets are an essential part of kitchen and bathroom designs and are stylish additions that can make any storage space look much better than before. While the cabinet knobs are often the piece of hardware homeowners focus on when installing their unique cabinets, cabinet latches are a key piece that can provide extra protection to your items. Cabinet latches keep cabinets closed and prevent the doors from opening when unnecessary. If you want this extra protection, consider the following types of cabinet latches.

The Purpose of Cabinet Latches

To keep your cabinets and all items inside safe, you can install latches in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and storage cabinets. Cabinet latches have many benefits, such as keeping dust out of your cabinets. They protect your items from animals and kids who might open cabinets and access fragile items. Cabinet latches also keep cabinet doors from opening during earthquakes or other events that may shake the cabinets. What are the types of cabinet latches?

Push-to-Open Latches 

Also known as touch latches, these latches are placed inside a cabinet. Most styles come with a magnetic or spring-loaded mechanism and make it simple to open your cabinets by pushing on the cabinet edge and releasing the lock. However, this complicated mechanism can wear and tear easily, so you must avoid slamming cabinet doors. Additionally, because they are designed to be easily opened, they are less secure than other latches and are not entirely childproof. 

Magnetic Latches 

Magnetic cabinet latches are one of the most popular types. They come with a strike plate mounted on the door and the body of the hardware, which is mounted on the inside of the cabinet and comes with magnets. These latches have minimal moving parts, making them more long-lasting and vibration-resistant. Magnetic latches come in various pull strengths, suitable for standard interior cabinets or heavy-duty doors. 

Draw Latches

Draw latches are often preferred for their appearance. These latches come in two parts, with a tab and small lip to hold the lever arm and latch itself with a base, a lever, and a lever arm. Draw latches are mounted to the face of the cabinet. Once the lever is pulled, it detaches the lever arm from the tab and opens the cabinet. 

Draw latches are ideal for numerous purposes. They are more secure and vibration resistant, and highly durable. They are also easy to install and maintain. 

Butterfly and Turn Latches 

Turn latches are a classic design with a catch and a latch body with a turn piece. As the turn latch is used, a bolt slides out of the latch body and into the catch, where it is secured. Turn latches are available in many styles and finishes and are mounted to the cabinet’s front door. They are a classic design but must be latched manually every time. 

Butterfly latches, however, are a type of turn latch designed for more heavy-duty usage. They are typically used for shops and RVs and are a more secure and vibration-resistant version of turn latches. 

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