Mixing and Matching Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

walterworks hardware mixing and matching cabinet knobs and pulls

Mixing and matching cabinet knobs and pulls in your design can create wonderful results.

Designing a kitchen isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. With the evolution of kitchen hardware alone, you now have many styles to choose from when deciding on even the smallest details of your kitchen design. At WalterWorks Hardware, we know all about the appeal of different kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. We also know how wonderful these hardware choices can look when mixed and matched throughout the kitchen. If you want to make a splash, consider mixing and matching your cabinet knobs and pulls. The following tips can help you do so successfully. 

Choose a Single Finish

Mixing and matching cabinet knobs and pulls can be a great way to keep your kitchen design dynamic and interesting and to choose the most comfortable hardware for each drawer and cabinet. Selecting the same finish and texture for your hardware is the key to keeping your design from looking too disjointed. You may also use the same metal finish for your faucet to tie the room together. 

Consider the Number of Drawers and Doors

Cabinet hardware often looks best when used in multiple places, so no cabinet knob or pull is the odd one out. It can therefore be easier to make mixing and matching cabinet knobs and pulls work when designing a large kitchen with many drawers and doors. 

If your kitchen has fewer than 20 doors or drawers, it’s best to stick to two types of hardware at most. In a smaller kitchen with fewer than 12 doors or drawers, it’s best to use one style of handle all over and introduce a new design somewhere else, such as an open shelf. 

Use One Style for Upper Cabinets, Another for Lower Cabinets

One way to coordinate your use of kitchen hardware is to use one style on upper cabinets and a different style on lower cabinets and drawers. Typically, knobs on upper doors are best because they are easiest to grip when swinging open an upper door. A short handle or pull works well on lower doors and drawers. 

Use Different Styles for Each Function or Door Type

If you want to mix more than two types of knobs and pulls, you should consider choosing different hardware styles for each functional type of door and drawer. For example, swing doors may have simple knobs, while drawers have pulls. However, you may use different handles or pulls on drawers that conceal dishwashers, trash cans, or refrigerators. The distinct style of the hardware on these doors indicates that they have a unique function.

Pay Attention to Scale

To keep the kitchen design from feeling cluttered, make sure your different hardware is noticeably different in scale. This marks them as unique and helps your eye make sense of everything.

Think Long-Term

While the finish and style of your hardware can change in the future, the holes drilled into your cabinets cannot be so easily altered. This is why it’s important to consider the shapes and sizes available and make a choice that will work for you today and in the future. 

Choose Your Home Hardware From WalterWorks

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