5 Types of Shower Heads for Your Bathroom Design

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Explore five popular types of shower head, including the waterfall style seen here.

Your shower is where you start or end your day, so it should be designed with luxury and comfort in mind. When planning your shower, a key component to consider is the shower head mount and design. There are three different mounts to consider and five types of shower heads to consider for your ultimate luxurious experience. Consider the benefits of each option as you shop for your shower heads and bathroom accessories at WalterWorks Hardware. 

Type of Shower Head Mounts


These showers are affixed to the bathroom wall and can work with all shower heads. However, the shower head is typically not placed very high, and the shower head may be closer to your walls than you prefer. 


This type of mount lowers the showerheads from your ceiling. Water falls vertically instead of at an angle, offering more freedom of movement. This is the best configuration for waterfall shower heads. This is one of the most luxurious options, offering more height and versatility. However, this configuration does require more extensive plumbing work. 

Wall-Mounted with a Slider Bar

This configuration is a mix of the two other mounts. The bar is affixed to the wall, but it can be adjusted so that the shower head is higher than the usual wall-mounted configuration. This mount is typically paired with handheld shower heads. 

Standard Fixed Shower Head 

The standard fixed shower head is the most common style. It is typically installed into the wall and sprays water at an angle. Some models have features that make up for the shower head’s relative simplicity, such as LED lights and water-pressure controls. 

Handheld Shower Head

These are one of the most versatile styles and can be mounted on the wall or an adjustable slider bar. You can take them out of their mount and use them for a closer rinse, making them ideal for seated showering or cleaning pets inside your bathtub. 

Dual Shower Head

A dual shower head will combine the stability of fixed shower heads with the versatility of handheld ones. These are typically more expensive than other shower heads, but the functions make up for the cost. This luxurious option allows you to create the precise shower experience you desire. 

Waterfall Shower Head

Also known as a rain shower head, waterfalls are typically square or round and more prominent than most shower heads to facilitate a larger downpour of water. These are best mounted on the ceiling, but if installed on the wall, they come with a shower arm that allows the shower head to be parallel to the ground. Waterfall shower heads are considered luxurious options, and any extra features can elevate your experience further. 

Shower Panels 

The shower panel is possibly the most luxurious option, consisting of a large, flat panel with multiple shower heads and body sprayers built in. This shower provides complete coverage, spraying you with water at numerous angles. 

Installing one of these shower heads, along with your other favorite bathroom hardware and accessories, can create a luxurious experience for your home. 

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