The Different Types of Door Hardware Suitable for Your House


Explore when different types of door hardware, including keyed entry hardware, should be used.

Every room in your house is not “one size fits all.” You know that each space requires unique furniture, appliances, and more, so the same rule applies to the door hardware. Some doors need complex locks, while others are better suited to easy-to-open levers that add extra convenience. When searching for door hardware, you have many high-quality options to consider. If you are wondering where to start, consider which types of door hardware go best with each room of your home before you find your ideal pieces at WalterWorks Hardware. 

Halls & Closets

Hall and closet door hardware include non-locking knobs and levers, sometimes called Passage hardware. These pieces are ideal for rooms like closets where locking is often unnecessary. Parents of young children often prefer this non-lockable function for children’s bedrooms or playrooms as well, so their kids cannot accidentally lock themselves in. 

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Bed and Bath hardware is also known as Privacy door hardware because these doors often have a locking function. This type of door hardware is best for any room where privacy is expected, such as bathrooms and bedrooms. These are also increasingly popular for home offices. These locks are not as effective as deadbolts, for example, but keep others from walking in unannounced.

Keyed Entry Door Hardware

Keyed entry locks are best for exterior doors. If you have an interior door that requires more security, such as an office with lots of valuables and sensitive materials, you may prefer a keyed entry for that room. Some keyed entry functions unlock when the door is opened from the inside, which allows for a faster exit. If you want extra security, you may install a lock that requires a keyed entry and exit. 

Non-Turning Door Hardware 

Non-turning hardware is often referred to as “dummy” or inactive hardware. These knobs and levers are meant to be used as decorative door pulls and are often found on interior French doors or pantries. The knobs or levers are not required to secure the door but can be used to pull open a door while providing extra style

Smart Locks

Smart locks can be paired with your WiFi, Bluetooth, or other platforms, depending on your chosen model. These locks have a keypad or touchscreen to control access without a physical key. When connected to the system by WiFi, you can control the locks remotely using your phone. These locks are ideal for those who want to keep an eye on their home security and who don’t want to risk losing their key or having someone make a copy and trespass. 

Electronic Locks 

Electronic, non-connected keypad knobs and touchscreen levers are ideal for garage entry and utility rooms. Unlike smart locks, these locks are not connected to the Internet or smart home system. However, you can still control access using a touchscreen or keypad. Electronic locks are ideal for rooms where you want more security but don’t want to add one more key to your collection. 

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