Should You Install a Handheld Shower Head?

walterworks hardware install handheld shower head

Should you install a handheld shower head? Discover the benefits of this convenient tool.

Mounted and handheld shower heads come with their unique benefits. While mounted shower heads are the more traditional option, if you have had that style of shower head installed, you may be eager to try something different. The more modern, versatile handheld shower head can provide a range of benefits that make this bathroom feature appealing to people of all ages. If these benefits sound appealing to you, install your best handheld shower head from WalterWorks Hardware today. 

Ideal for Rinsing

If you only need to rinse off part of your body, a handheld shower head can help you do just that. For instance, handheld shower heads make it easier to rinse off legs when shaving, rinse off dirty children’s feet, and even wash your pets. The control of the shower head means you can direct where the water goes and don’t need to get drenched to wipe off suds or dirt. 

Cleaning Your Shower Is Easier

Handheld shower heads and their flexibility of movement allow you to clean off your shower walls with ease. If soap suds line your wall or shower doors, a rinse from your shower head can wipe that off before the soap sticks to the surface. 

Assisted Showering

Many people choose to install a handheld shower head because they provide flexibility as well as accessibility. This can make things much easier if you have someone in your household you need assistance showering. Alternatively, if an elderly or disabled family member prefers to take care of themselves, they can more easily do so now with the convenience of handheld shower heads. The shower heads allow people to wash their entire bodies, even when sitting down or with limited mobility.

A More Relaxing Experience

When using a mounted shower head, you must maneuver around to ensure the water stream hits the right places and rinses off all soap suds and shampoo. When you’re sore or tense, you also have to try and get the hot water to soothe those specific joints on your body, which can be difficult. 

When you install a handheld shower head, you can direct the water flow to different areas of your body and even direct the hot water onto your achy knees or back without straining. You can also more easily shampoo your hair and rinse out all suds without craning your neck at odd angles and potentially hurting yourself. 

Versatility of Use

Handheld shower heads can also provide you with the benefits of a mounted shower head. This is because they are mounted when not in use or when you want to shower hands-free. On days when you would rather use a mounted shower head, you simply leave it attached to the mount on the wall. But when you install a handheld shower head, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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