5 Reasons to Install a Hot Water Faucet

walterworks hardware hot water faucet

A hot water faucet can be added to your sink to provide ultimate convenience.

Great kitchen design is all about maximizing your usable space and finding the most efficient yet stylish features to install. In a well-designed kitchen, almost every piece of hardware or equipment will function in some helpful way. One of these convenient additions is the hot water faucet. A hot water faucet is a specialized sink faucet that pours steaming hot water without any wait time. It is typically installed next to your standard tap and is used for many convenient kitchen tasks. When you find your next hot water faucet at WalterWorks Hardware, you can enjoy the benefits of this modern kitchen convenience. 

Efficiently Clean Fruits and Vegetables

If you want to make sure your fruits and veggies have been adequately rinsed before you indulge, a hot water faucet is a highly effective way to wash away lingering dirt and debris. You can place your fruit or vegetables into a colander and use the tap to rinse the food without scalding your hands. 

Enjoy Improved Dish Cleaning

Having a hot water tap is more time-efficient, especially when washing dishes. As any home cook knows, there are numerous benefits to washing dishes in hot water. If you have messy pots, pans, or dishes that need to soak in hot water and dish soap to be properly cleaned, your hot water faucet can provide you with the hot water you need. Plus, you don’t have to wait for the hot water you need to come out of your standard tap. In moments, your hot water faucet can provide you with the high temperatures you need for the most effective clean. 

Save Water

Heating a kettle of water for your tea or coffee or heating water on the stovetop or in the microwave for cleaning often means filling the vessel with more water than you need and tossing what’s left. When you use a hot water faucet, you can pour exactly as much water as you need into your cup and lower the amount of wasted water

Boil Water in Mere Moments

Your hot water faucet can ensure that your water comes out close to a boil, so filling a pot and waiting for the water to boil is much easier than before. When you have one less step to consider, boiling your water for cleaning or cooking is much more efficient. You can now start your dinner prep or cleaning chores sooner than before. 

Use Built-In Safety Features

But are hot water faucets safe for all kitchens? Because your hot water tap is typically located next to your standard tap, you may worry about accidentally using this tap and hurting yourself. This is why hot water taps can include built-in safety features like a double-tap feature and a warning light for the boiling setting. 

You can consider your hot water faucet to be like your garbage disposal in that it requires a little more care and attention but is ultimately very safe when you use it correctly. Fortunately, there are so many benefits to be enjoyed with the installation of this faucet that you will soon forget about any hesitation you once had. 

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