4 Tips for Selecting Your Entry Door Hardware Finishes

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Entry door hardware finishes can be chosen by complementing your home design and matching other accessories.

Selecting entry door hardware is essential for building the design of your front door. Your front door is the first entry point for visitors and your household. If you don’t like what you see, that’s a problem. If you want to add beautiful new hardware to your home, many design factors must be considered. After you decide which style of handle and lockset you prefer, consider which type of hardware finish you want. Entry door hardware finishes can make all the difference when it comes to the visual impact they have. How can you navigate the many options for your hardware finishes at WalterWorks Hardware? Think about the following factors. 

Find a Hardware Finish That Coordinates With Your Home

When selecting the best entry door hardware finishes, always consider how the finish pairs with your home design. Hardware with a polished chrome or bronze finish may look great in the store, but it may not complement any other elements in your home. However, with the many finishes now available, you should have no trouble finding a finish you love that doesn’t require a change to your home design. 

To make the best choice, keep your finishes in line with the theme of your home design. For instance, don’t select a modern chrome handle for your front door if you have a rustic exterior design. 

Consider Your Door’s Function 

The finish you select for your entry door hardware is one of the first things visitors will notice. Because the front door sets the style and tone of your home’s doors, the finish for your entry door should pair well with your interior door hardware finishes. If you already have interior hardware you love, find entry door hardware that evokes that style. 

Don’t Forget About Aesthetic Appeal 

Style and design are important, but the aesthetic appeal is also essential when finding your best entry door hardware finishes. From bronze to black to antique brass or satin nickel, every finish has an appeal that goes well with specific home designs. If you are concerned about creating a cohesive, bold aesthetic experience, consider the impact different finishes will have on your total door design. 

Consider Your Existing Door and Accessories 

Every piece of door hardware has a finish and a unique design. So, when selecting your next door lever or knob, consider whether it will match the finishes of your strike plates, hinges, and other accessories. For example, if you have a satin nickel finish for your door hinges, buying a door knob with that same finish completes the design. 

You should also consider the design of your door. Is it sleek and contemporary? Does it have glass panes, or is it a rustic wood design? How will your entry door hardware finish pair with these designs? For example, sleek and contemporary door designs may look best with hardware that combines straight lines and modern metallic finishes. 

Fortunately, so many hardware finishes and designs are on the market today that you can easily find something you love. Visit WalterWorks Hardware today to explore your excellent options. 

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