Update Your Interior Design with Modern Home Hardware Selections

walterworks hardware modern home hardware selections

Looking for bold style? Try one of the best modern home hardware selections, such as gold hardware with navy blue cabinets.

Many homeowners desire a modern, streamlined kitchen. One way you can create this interior design is by considering every piece of your décor, including the smallest hardware choices. Deciding which hardware will be installed on your cabinets will significantly impact the final look of your home. At WalterWorks Hardware, we have experience understanding the differences between hardware materials, colors, and styles. To create a fresh, contemporary kitchen design, consider the following modern home hardware and cabinet color pairings.

White Cabinets with Black Hardware

The contrast between white cabinets and black hardware will instantly create a striking appearance. Plus, virtually anything goes with black or white, so you don’t have to worry about color mismatches between your kitchen cabinets and small appliances, décor, hand towels, and other design elements.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Gold Hardware

Gold is always an appealing color to homeowners. Gold is also associated with rare luxuries, so installing modern gold home hardware can significantly enhance your interior design. Pairing gold hardware with white cabinets creates a light, bright space that conveys both luxury and modernity. 

Navy Blue Cabinets with Gold Hardware

Darker colors like navy or other “jewel tones” can pair excellently with shining gold hardware. Gold and navy have paired well for years and remain a timeless way to add striking style and bold colors to your home. Homeowners who enjoy carefully selecting their interior design may enjoy these color combinations more, as some colors pair better with navy and gold. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Hardware 

If you want to go with a warm and rustic kitchen design, you should consider farmhouse kitchen hardware styles. These hardware selections include traditional shapes and finishes that pair well with other traditional materials, such as natural wood cabinets. The finishes for the hardware often include warm tones, like those found in brass, bronze, copper, and black iron hardware. 

Depending on your preferred kitchen style, you can find modern home hardware that suits your specific preferences. Do you prefer knobs or pulls for your cabinets? Do you want a matte or polished finish? You can find the hardware you need, in the modern style you prefer, at WalterWorks Hardware. 

Choose Your Home Hardware From WalterWorks

No matter what type of home hardware and decorative touches you choose, WalterWorks Hardware has the expertise and supplies you need. Residents throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C., and the northern Virginia area love us for our fantastic hardware and unbeatable knowledge. For more information, please call us at (410) 263-9711 or contact us online. For more tips on choosing hardware for your home, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Houzz, and Pinterest.

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