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Discover the pocket door hardware you need for the best results.

Pocket doors are increasingly popular additions to home interior designs, as they can save space and provide seamless, attractive transitions between rooms of all kinds. When fully opened, these doors slide from side to side and disappear into a wall cavity. They eliminate the swing radius required by conventional doors and create a clean and uninterrupted aesthetic. However, their functionality relies on the quality and style of the pocket door hardware used. What hardware is necessary for your pocket doors? When installing these modern doors, you will need the following equipment. 

Track Systems

The track system is the backbone of pocket door hardware, providing the doors with stability and smooth sliding functionality. There are a few track systems to choose from: 

  • Single-Track: This consists of a single track mounted above the doorway, allowing the door to slide into the wall cavity
  • Bi-Parting Track: This track system is ideal for wider door openings, as the design features two tracks that will enable two pocket doors to meet in the middle when closed. 
  • Telescopic Track: This system is best for much larger openings, as it uses multiple overlapping tracks to create compact storage space within the wall cavity. 

Hangers and Rollers 

Hangers and rollers support the door’s weight and facilitate smooth movement along the track. There are a few different options, but the most common include the following: 

  • Ball-Bearing Hangers: Designed with ball bearings that provide quiet and effortless door operation. 
  • Nylon Rollers: Great for light to medium-weight doors, as they are durable and resistant to wear and tear. 
  • Adjustable Hangers: Allow for vertical adjustment along with proper alignment and operation. 

Door Pulls and Handles 

Door pulls and handles for your pocket doors offer functional and aesthetic benefits. The best door pulls or handles allow for easy gripping and operation of the pocket door while complementing your overall design scheme. The options range from sleek and modern handles to classic and ornate pulls, so you can find whatever is best for your interior style

Locking Mechanisms

Depending on your desired level of privacy and security, your pocket door hardware will include locks. For example, passage sets do not have a lock, so those are best used in areas where privacy is not a concern, such as hallways or closets. For private spaces like bedrooms, privacy locks are the best option. These locks feature a thumb turn or push-button mechanism, allowing easy locking and unlocking from the inside. 

An additional option is a keyed lock with a key-operated mechanism for controlled access. This lock is best for areas that require enhanced security, such as offices. 

Additional Pocket Door Hardware 

You can add a few additional features to your pocket door hardware selection. The first is a soft-close system, which prevents pocket doors from slamming shut. The mechanism decelerates the door’s movement as it reaches the end of its travel, so there is always a silent and gentle closure. 

You can also enhance privacy and reduce noise transmission between rooms by selecting hardware that incorporates soundproofing or insulation features. This can be beneficial for home offices or bedrooms.

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