What Are The Different Types of Home Hardware Finishes?

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Explore the many different home hardware finishes available.

When selecting your home hardware, there are plenty of factors to consider, including style, function, and material. When considering style, home hardware finishes are a crucial factor. There are many finishes to explore, each with unique stylistic characteristics and attributes. Before browsing your hardware options at WalterWorks Hardware, consider the advantages of the following home hardware finishes. 

Polished Finishes

Bright, shiny, polished finishes are those with highly reflective surfaces. These finishes add a touch of radiance to any room and are especially popular in bathrooms. To minimize fingerprints, these are best for designs without large flat areas. 

Satin and Brushed Finishes

Satin finishes traditionally use electric plating to soften the metal’s appearance. Brushed finishes undergo a brushing process to achieve a similar effect. These finishes can hide watermarks and fingerprints, which makes them ideal for door hardware, kitchen cabinet hardware, and other high-use hardware. 

Living Finishes

Living home hardware finishes refer to finishes that oxidize and change color over time. Living finishes often darken, but they can lighten regularly touched areas. When placed outdoors, these finishes turn to a unique turquoise green. 

Lifetime or PVD Finishes

Lifetime finishes, also called PVD finishes, undergo a high-tech plating process, resulting in a sturdy finish. These home hardware finishes are ideal for outdoor use, especially on buildings near the coast. Lifetime finishes can be more costly than standard finishes, but they will significantly improve the durability of the hardware, and they don’t easily tarnish or discolor.

Antique Brass Finishes

These hardware finishes closely resemble the appeal of natural brass, with golden and brown tones that give off a warm and attractive appearance reminiscent of 19th-century hardware. However, at the same time, it has a high-gloss finish that exhibits modernity, making it a flexible style option for many homeowners. Antique brass finishes can pair best in rooms with stone and wood elements. 

Bright Chrome Finishes

Bright chrome has a smooth, mirror-like finish that turns any hardware into a statement piece that fits into a contemporary home. These often pair well with a neutral interior color scheme. 

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Oil-rubbed bronze finishes are suitable for specific home styles, primarily Tuscan and Mediterranean. The dark brown look is particularly good when paired with warm colors. Oil-rubbed bronze is a living finish, which means it changes with time to have a continually evolving look as you use the hardware. 

Distressed Nickel

Distressed nickel finishes are ideal if you want something exceptional for your hardware. Its rustic vibe is becoming increasingly popular, especially in urban areas. 

Can You Mix Finishes? 

Mixing hardware finishes can effectively add interest to spaces and give your home a more appealing look. The best way to make your finishes complement each other is to ensure that both finishes have either a cool or warm undertone. Don’t use warm and cool finishes close to each other, as they often clash. Some good combinations are:

  • Black and Antique Nickel
  • Polished Nickel and Satin Nickel
  • Bronze and Antique Brass
  • Black and Satin Brass
  • Bronze and Satin Brass 

Explore the wonderful world of hardware finishes at your next visit to WalterWorks Hardware. 

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