What Homeowners Need to Know About Bar Faucets

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Learn more about bar faucets and what they can add to your kitchen.

Every kitchen contains at least one main sink and kitchen faucet, but more and more homeowners are branching out and exploring the creative options available. For instance, a secondary sink may be installed with a bar faucet. If your kitchen has the space for this addition, it can provide you with incredible convenience and luxury in this all-important room in your home. If you are eager to explore the bar faucets available at WalterWorks Hardware, read on to learn more about these faucets and whether they may be right for you. 

Bar Faucet Uses

What makes these faucets different from the traditional main sink faucet? A bar faucet and the sink that goes with it are usually smaller than the primary and act as a workstation. This can be especially helpful if more than one person cooks at once. For instance, while one person may be washing pots at the main sink, another can use the bar faucet to prep vegetables. If installed on the kitchen island, the island becomes an even more functional prep space. 

A secondary kitchen sink can make your cooking and prep area more compact and efficient. If you install a bar sink and faucet near your glassware and bar fridge, you can use this sink as part of your drink station when entertaining. 

Bar Faucets vs. Main Faucets

Because the sinks they go with are smaller, bar faucets tend to be smaller versions of the faucets you find at your main sink. While they are smaller, they are in proportion to the sinks with which they are installed. 

Faucet Characteristics

You can find bar faucets in single-handle and two-handle traditional models. They can also come with pull-out or pull-down spray spouts and other innovative features you can find for your main sink faucets. Don’t forget when you choose your faucet; you must also select your sink. Bar/prep sinks come in typical varieties, including drop-in and undermount sinks. You should also choose a spout that lands over the center of the sink for the best appearance and function. 

Choosing Your Bar Faucet

Solid brass and stainless steel bar faucets are some of the most durable and trouble-free you can select. The finish on your faucet is a matter of personal style, but many choose to pick the same finish for both the bar and main faucets for a coherent design. You may also choose to match your faucet finish to that of your cabinet hardware

Once you select your faucet, trust a professional to install it efficiently. Then, once your sink and faucet are installed, you can maintain your new beautiful bar faucet by cleaning it with mild soap and warm water after everyday use. 

Choose Your Home Hardware From WalterWorks

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