6 Types of Unique Door Stops for Your Property

Walterworks hardware unique door stops

Wall-mount door stops are one of the more common stops you can install throughout your property.

The purpose of door stops is to safeguard the wall behind your door. With the installation of a convenient door stop, you avoid wall damage from the frequent opening and closing of your doors. Door stops also help protect the door’s hardware by preventing door handles from smashing into the wall every time a strong gust of wind or a rambunctious kid throws open the door. While door stops are a practical fixture for your home or business, they don’t have to detract from the design. You can find several unique door stops for your property with distinct designs and functional benefits at WalterWorks Hardware. Explore some of your door stop options below. 

Floor Mount

Due to its robust metal construction, a floor-mounted door stop will resist regular impacts from use. The pre-drilled holes make it easy to mount, and these door stops are generally low-profile. Plus, they don’t have the spring-back function and noise that may encourage kids or pets to play with the door stop.

Wall or Door Mount

You can mount wall or door mount stops on the door or the wall that the door would contact. These stops are quite common and adaptable, so they are available in heavy-duty, aluminum, angled, or coiled-spring varieties. 

Roller Door Stops 

Roller stops are configured between two doors to protect them from hitting and damaging each other. The rubber roller allows doors to move and function seamlessly without pushing one kob through the other door. Curved and straight alternatives are available for different mounting options. 

Hinge Mount Door Stop

You can install hinge-mounted door stops on your door’s existing hinges to provide a safeguard without needing floor or wall mounting. Hinge mounts are ideal for bathrooms where the door might hit a vanity or toilet when opened completely. 


Keepers are designed to hold doors open in public, busy places. Keepers tend to take the shape of an added hook and latch but can also be as modest as a kick-down door stop. Keepers are best to improve convenience in busy areas while providing protection from banging doors. 

Adhesive Back Door Stops

Finally, you can use adhesive back door stops for flexible mounting options. To use these, you peel off the adhesive back and stick it to walls, cabinets, or any other location that is at risk of being hit and damaged by an opening door. 

When browsing potential door stops at WalterWorks Hardware, our team’s knowledge can help you determine which stop is best for your room design.

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