The 5 Advantages of Installing a Handheld Shower Head

walterworks installing handheld shower head

Installing a handheld shower head can provide you with extra convenience, comfort, and luxury.

Handheld shower heads are highly versatile options for any bathroom. When comparing handheld options to traditional, fixed showerheads, you can spot plenty of advantages immediately. The control you have over the flow of the water and the movement allowed for the shower head gives you incredible versatility. If you are looking for a convenient, luxurious, and accessible bathroom, installing a handheld shower head from WalterWorks Hardware will help you enjoy the following benefits. 

Enjoy a Comprehensive Wash

When your only option is a traditional fixed shower head, it can sometimes be challenging to reach every nook and cranny without contorting yourself in ridiculous ways. When using a handheld shower, you can ensure every part of your body gets the best wash possible without discomfort. 

Can Accommodate Low Water Pressure

If you are dealing with low water pressure, you can use your handheld shower head closer to your body to provide you with the refreshing shower experience you desire. The best thing to do is hire a plumber to fix your low water pressure, but in the meantime, you don’t have to sacrifice shower quality. 

Excellent for Kids and Older Adults

Kids and elderly adults both bring unique challenges to your bathroom design. When parents bathe their young kids, they can more easily wash out shampoo or soap suds with the help of the handheld shower head – even when it’s bath time. Elderly adults who struggle with mobility may find that installing a handheld shower head works well for them and allows them more independence in their bathing routine. If you have a shower seat, a person may be able to comfortably sit on the chair while using the handheld shower head to bathe themselves. 

Useful for Pets Too!

Similar to fussy kids, pets can also be difficult to bathe. When you install handheld shower heads, you can save some money on the groomers by making bathtime much easier at home. When you place your dog in the bath and use the shower head to wet their fur and rinse out the soap, bath time is suddenly much easier for all. 

Cleanup is Easier

Cleaning the bathroom can often feel like quite a chore. If you can speed things up a little, you probably want to. When you have a flexible handheld shower head, you can easily spread the cleaning liquid around your bathtub and powerfully rinse away suds and other dirt. 

If you want ultimate flexibility and convenience, installing handheld shower heads is the way to go. 

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