Bathroom Faucet Installations: Three Primary Considerations

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If you design or remodel your bathroom, you know how many small decisions go into creating a cohesive and durable design. One of the critical factors is the bathroom faucet. How will the faucet be installed? What finish is best, and what will the handles look like? Fortunately, WalterWorks Hardware is here to help you navigate these decisions. In this article, we’ve outlined the primary bathroom faucet installations, finishes, and handles so you can determine what may be best for your needs. 

Bathroom Faucet Installation Types

An existing sink or countertop will likely already have a set number of holes and spacing, which will help guide your decision for the faucet installation.

  • Single Hole: Single-hole faucets provide more precise volume and temperature control and make the most of small sink spaces. This type is also easier to install. 
  • Centerset: This type of faucet installation can be used on sinks and countertops with 1-3 holes. It features a deck plate with handles and a spout in one plate.
  • Widespread: Faucets and handles are mounted individually to the sink or countertop without a deck plate. 
  • Vessel Sink: Vessel sinks sit above the countertop and require taller faucets. Faucets taller than 4 inches will clear most vessel sink basins. 
  • Wall-Mounted: These faucets are hung on the wall above the sink, which makes countertop cleanup easier. Installation requires a separate wall-mounted valve and drain.

Bathroom Faucet Finishes to Match Your Style

The type of finish you choose for your bathroom faucet installations will help create a cohesive look with the other fixtures in your bathroom. Make sure your finish not only aligns with your style but also your budget. The following finishes are the most popular among homeowners. 

  • Brushed Nickel: Matte finish, super durable, repels water stains. 
  • Bronze: Various shades to choose from, stain-resistant, and long-lasting. 
  • Chrome: Typically includes a chrome-plated coating overtop a metal base like steel or nickel to lengthen its lifespan. These faucets have a glossy sheen. 
  • Brass: These resist corrosion and have a durable design that makes them less prone to cracking or wearing down. 
  • Matte Black: Looks great with contemporary bathroom designs. 
  • Stainless Steel: Affordable, rust- and corrosion-resistant, and polished. 
  • Copper: At the higher price range, it also lasts quite a long time while resisting rust, corrosion, and bacterial build-up. 

Bathroom Faucet Handles: Convenience and Comfort

Bathroom faucet installations also consider the handle design. Depending on your lifestyle or household members, you may find that some handles are more accessible and convenient than others. Consider these handle options. 

  • Single Handle: A single-handle faucet comes attached to a deck plate to cover up unused holes. Hot and cold water are both operated through one handle. 
  • Double Handle: Double-handle faucets have individually mounted handles or the handles are integrated into the deck plate. The handles separately control hot and cold water. 
  • Lever Handle: Lever handles swivel forward to turn on and off the faucet. They may turn horizontally or vertically to control water temperature and feature two handles or one main handle. 
  • Cross Handle: These handles twist left and right to turn water on and off. You can create a vintage look with distinct cross-handle designs.
  • Knob Handle: Knob handles also twist to turn the faucet on and off and often come in a more minimal design or vintage look. 

Successful bathroom faucet installations will give you an attractive, durable, and budget-friendly result. Find your best bathroom hardware today at WalterWorks Hardware! 

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