Getting More Storage in Your Remodeled Bathroom

Getting More Storage in Your Remodeled Bathroom

When you start remodeling your bathroom, you probably have two things in mind: the functionality and the accessibility. But what about storage?

When you start remodeling your bathroom, you probably have two things in mind: the functionality and the accessibility. But what about storage? By increasing the amount of room in your bathroom, you can hit both objectives at once. Here is a look at how to accomplish that goal.

Add a Vanity

A bathroom vanity is a beautiful way to add more storage space in your bathroom. If the one in the bathroom is too large, you might want to consider downsizing it; alternatively, a vanity that is too small won’t work. While a pedestal sink might alleviate some of the problems, try experimenting with a vessel sink instead. Plus you can add drawers and dispense with doors that can become harder to open and close as you age in place.

Use an Organizer

Sometimes, shelves and cabinets are going to be too small. Instead, try using an organizer that sits on the back of your toilet. This is an easy way to keep room sprays, flushable wipes, and extra toilet paper close to hand without the need to leave them all over the floor next to the toilet. Just remember that you can’t block the flusher and you will have to move your new organizer out of the way if there is ever a problem, such as when your toilet stops flushing.

Add Shelves to the Shower

Adding a shower organizer can also make a tremendous difference. You can store shampoo, conditioner, loofahs, washcloths, and even hang hair ties to keep your razor for shaving close to hand if you would prefer to do that instead of standing in front of the sink. Another suggestion is to get a shower curtain liner that has pockets in it where you can also store smaller items. This is especially useful if the edges of the tub are too small or you don’t want to keep anything on the window ledge if there is a window strategically placed in your shower.

Put Hooks Around the Door

Another idea you can try is to put a set of hooks around the door. If you can put one by the front door for keys, jackets, and hats, why wouldn’t you try a similar idea in the bathroom? The towel bar is usually only good for one towel, but a smaller towel ring is a good fit for powder rooms and half baths. Plus but having a set of multiple hooks, you can hang up several towels at once, which is great if everyone needs to share the same bathroom to shower in, whether they do it in the morning or at night.

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