Home Remodeling Tips: Make It More Accessible

Home Remodeling Tips: Make It More Accessible

One way to remodel your home is to make it more accessible.

One way to remodel your home is to make it more accessible. Kitchens and bathrooms both benefit from this design, especially if you or anyone in your family is facing mobility challenges. Aging in place is becoming more popular than ever, but that might not be the only reason why you need to focus on accessibility for your home. Here are some tips for getting it done.

Getting Started

Think about the layout of your home now. Make a list of what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll have a starting point for improving your home and make it easier to get around for everyone, not just anyone who outright needs it. A doorway might need to be widened, or you could add a pocket door in place of a door that swings open and closed. While these might seem insignificant now, many things can happen between now and a year from now; five years from now; ten years from now; and even fifteen or twenty years from right now as you read this.

Upgrading the Exterior

Another approach is to improve the exterior of your home, as well. Whether it’s only the front door and entry of your home or everything near the front walk, you need to cast an appraising eye over everything. Add some new lights that are brighter to help make nighttime navigation around your yard more comfortable. Plus, this project is perfect for enhancing summertime gatherings that go until late into the night, even if the sun doesn’t go down until later in the evening.

Ramps and handrails are necessary but can be modified so that they don’t disrupt the aesthetic that you want for your home’s exterior. Also, decks and patios can be fitted with ramps instead of stairs. Then think about decking, siding, and landscaping features that are easier to take care of as you age in place.

Staying at Home

There is a common misconception that getting older or facing other mobility and accessibility challenges requires you and your family to move. This isn’t always the case. Rearranging the way your home is configured through remodels and renovations can make a tremendous difference. Studies and living rooms on the first floor can be converted into a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, if necessary.  

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