When Remodeling Your Bathroom, Do You Need a New Bath Faucet?

When Remodeling Your Bathroom, Do You Need a New Bath Faucet?

It’s time to remodel your bathroom.

It’s time to remodel your bathroom. However, before you can get started, you need to ask yourself one question: do you need a new sink? After all, the sink fixture itself could be beautiful as it is. But you might also need to replace your bath faucet. Let’s take a look at what you can do as your upgrade your bathroom this spring.

Determining Space Requirements

One of the reasons you could be remodeling your bathroom is to increase the amount of available space. After all, a cramped bathroom is a profoundly uncomfortable place to be even if you are not claustrophobic. Don’t hesitate to open up your bathroom, upgrade your storage, or redo your counter.

Opening Up: When you open up your bathroom, you’ll find that everything doesn’t need to be squeezed together. This effect is much more soothing to the eye, not to mention your psyche. A pedestal sink or a console sink could be great fits if your bathroom is too small to accommodate a full-sized vanity. Depending on the size of your sink, you might also need different bath faucets to go with it.

Upgrading Storage: Let’s say that even after opening up your bathroom and choosing a new bath faucet, your available space is still at a premium. Nothing to worry about, because this presents an opportunity to upgrade your storage. A larger vanity will give you the chance to keep various toiletry items handy. Even so, they’ll be out of sight until you need to use them. Just remember to put them back where you found them! If your sink is too low-profile for an under-mounted vanity, then you might have access to a linen closet just outside of the bathroom.

Redoing Counters: Now that you ready to remodel your bathroom, don’t leave out redoing the cluttered counters. After all, too much clutter can get frustrating. But in dealing with clutter you’ll have to consider how many people are using the bathroom, and how many products each person needs. If you have a small family sharing two bathrooms, some items can be redistributed or merely condensed for sharing. That said, you might still want a wider countertop to make getting ready easier for everyone.

Finding a New Bath Faucet

The key to finding a new bath faucet will depend on the design of the sink in your remodeled bathroom. Once you have met your requirements for space, storage, and countertop room, you will need to find a new faucet that blends in with the new design.

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