What to Know About Interior French Door Handle Sets

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Learn more about French door handle sets and what designs you can find.

French doors can be a simple and elegant addition to any home. These doors come in pairs of two, placed side by side, with glass panes letting light stream through. The hinges are installed on the outer opposite sides of the frame, while the handles are placed close together in the center so the doors open from the middle. You can install interior French doors to divide a room without losing natural light or making the space feel small. Many homeowners install French doors to separate similar rooms, such as living rooms and studies. When installing French doors, you must consider your French door handle sets. As you select your French door hardware at WalterWorks Hardware, it is best to understand the differences between different French door handles and locks. 

Do French Doors Have Handles on Both Sides? 

Do you need to add handles to both sides of your French doors? The answer depends on where you are installing your doors. Typically, one of the French door handles is purely decorative and is called a “dummy handle.” 

However, having a decorative handle on both the left and right sides can be helpful to hold onto when opening and closing the doors. If you are installing a French door for a closet, the handles are only required on the side of the door that faces the room to allow for easy opening and closing. 

How French Door Hardware Works 

The French door hardware required depends on the specific configuration, which varies depending on the purpose of the doors. Interior French doors are installed so either side can be opened without impacting the other.

If your doors are not going to lock, you can choose between fixed handles or turning handles. 

If the doors lock, you must decide between locking from the inside (with a button or manual lock) or installing a keyed handle set that can be locked from inside or outside. 

Fixed Handle Sets

If your handle primarily serves a decorative purpose, with the only function being pushing or pulling, you will want dummy handles for your French doors. 

If the door will be accessible from both sides, purchase two French door handle sets for a total of four. If you choose lever styles, you will want to add both right and left-handed handles. 

Privacy Handle Sets

When you want to install interior French doors with privacy handles, you can purchase one set of dummy handles and one set of privacy handles (handles that turn). The dummy handles go on the inside and outside of the door opposite to the one you selected for handing. 

The operable privacy handle set is installed on the door you choose for handing, and the strike plate for the operable privacy handle should attach to the inside of the opposite door. 

Interior French Door Bolt Locks

When deciding on the function of your interior French doors, you can also choose to add bolt-style locks. Bolt locks are installed on the door and lock up into the door jam or down into the floor. They can be paired with locking handle options or with dummy handles. These locks are often used to keep one door in place and unmovable while the other remains free to open and close. 

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