A Quick Walkthrough for Tightening Loose Door Hinges

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Loose door hinges are annoying.

Loose door hinges are annoying. Not only do they make that squeaky noise, but you also might not be able to open or close the door correctly. The problem is much worse when the doorknobs or cabinet pulls associated with the hinges are also worn out. Luckily, we’ve put together this elementary guide for homeowners who need to tighten up some hardware a little bit without too much effort involved. 

Dealing with Cabinet Doors, Phase One 

First of all, you’ve got to deal with the cabinet doors. Otherwise, they won’t stay closed. This is particularly vexing when you have curious pets or children tempted to take a peek inside. Before attempting to make some hasty fixes (since it might not be that simple), investigate a bit more closely first. Determine if the gap is wider at the top of the cabinet or along the bottom. This step may sound inconsequential, but it gives you a better idea of which hinge is problematic and which one is not. All you need to complete this test is a simple piece of cardboard. Slide the cardboard between the affected door and both of the hinges. After that, close the door the rest of the way. 

Dealing with Cabinet Doors, Phase Two 

Pull the cardboard away. Try to close the door without anything in its way. If you notice that the door won’t shut securely, fold up the piece of cardboard and then try again, following the method we outlined above. Repeat both steps until the two hinges are aligned. However, we must inform you that these techniques are only effective for flush-mount hinges. Internal spring hinges might require a different approach. In that case, we highly recommend you review the manufacturer’s instructions on what to do next.

Tightening the Hinges Themselves

Entry doors with loose hinges are equally irritating. The door might get stuck, or it could leave gouges on the ground – what a way to ruin that beautiful floor in the kitchen! Inspect the hinge screws and verify their condition. Cross-head screws are finicky; should they be overtightened or head-stripped, they won’t work properly. Then, use wood plugs or a match to test the integrity of the screw hole. Worn-down hinge plates allow the screws to slip out of place, which is why this issue has become so aggravating. Confirm that all of the screws are tightened properly and that the door hinges themselves are reasonably intact.  

Out with the Old, In with the New: How Can We Help You?

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