3 Advantages of a New Pedestal Sink

walterworks pedestal sink

A pedestal sink can be an excellent option for many bathrooms.

Installing a pedestal sink in a bathroom remodel can completely transform your bathroom space. In addition to saving much-needed space in a cramped powder room, pedestal sinks can add a bit of refinement and elegance to your bathroom while blending in with your current design aesthetic. Here are three reasons why homeowners love these fixtures in their bathrooms. 

Great for Small Spaces

If your current bathroom is feeling cramped with a full vanity, a pedestal sink can help make your bathroom feel more spacious. Compared with a countertop and drop-in sink, a pedestal sink only takes up much less space on the floor, only about six to eight inches. This can give the appearance of more room in your bathroom or powder room and make it more accessible. 

Refined, Simple Designs

A pedestal sink can be a significant upgrade for your bathroom space. Since they’re a standalone feature, these sinks can be an elegant statement piece. They’re also versatile and come in a wide variety of styles and colors,  perfect for different decors. You can even customize its features, so whether you like modern, wide-spread faucets or classic ceramic parts, you can easily coordinate with your home’s existing aesthetic. Because of this, it’s also simple to coordinate your other bathroom accessories and features with it. 

A Total Design Consideration 

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, the key to a cohesive look is to consider the entire layout of the space and how it functions. Although a pedestal sink can be excellent for saving space, you should consult with a plumber before installation. This is because pedestal sinks require a bit of precision when it comes to concealing shut-off valves or supply lines. However, if your space won’t allow for complete concealment, don’t worry! There are beautiful options for these pieces too. 

Out with the Old, In with the New: How Can We Help You?

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